Talk to one, not everyone

Although our planet has almost eight billion inhabitants, each of them is different from the other. Therefore, to successful communication, in the face of such diversity, we need to create various small strategies and contents useful to the needs of each individual.

Think for a moment about what the color red means to you. It could mean, for example, a political party, danger, passion, love, blood, sacrifice, anger, or violence. Different people may have different answers to this question. Why? Because each of them sees the world from a different perspective.

The combination of experiences we have inherited and collected during our lifetime is unique and creates in us a set of characteristics, behaviors, and concepts that differ from others. It means that each person is a unique and complex small world.

If people can be so different from each other, it means they have different needs. Consequently, we need to use different ways to help and influence them positively. In this sequence of articles, you will find that focusing on the individual is the best way to communicate in the digital world.

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